About Me

Hello My name is Frederik Feldborg and I am the founder of TechGearGeek.
So in 2010 I started something called TeckiReviewer. I just did some reviews on different stuff that i had in my room. But then in the of 2010 I started TechGearGeek, and then it started to be more serious for me, you know as a job. So I tryed to contact different companies and stores, and I asked them if I maybe could get some stuff to review, some of them said no, But… Some of them said YES! And I was soo happy, that Now I finally could start to make interesting videoes for my viewers and for my self. Now it’s a big thing in my life, I love to do this stuff and I will keep doing as long as i can.
Hope you find some interesting stuff here on TechGearGeek.com
Pease Out and take care.

Frederik Feldborg
Admin and Founder.


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